File transfers and Empathy

This week I worked on adding file transfer support to Empathy for the Telekinesis project. Empathy with my patches (the code is not yet in SVN trunk) can exchange files using every connection manager that supports file transfer, that is just telepathy-salut (aka bonjour, aka XEP-0174, aka link-local messaging) for now :).

libempathy, the non-GUI library wrapping the telepathy interfaces, will get a class to handle file transfer channels (i.e. org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Channel.Type.FileTransfer) and a class for single file transfers, which are just IDs in Telepathy.
The dialog, in libempathy-gtk, was copied from Gossip, I’m going to modify it later to better fit our needs and to solve some problems, for instance now you cannot choose the file name, only the directory where to save the file.

This work is far from perfect but I can already show some screenshots and videos:

Receiving a file

Sending a file (Ogg Theora video, 150 kB)

Receiving a file (Ogg Theora video, 138 kB)

Tomorrow I will arrive at the Birmingham train station around 5 PM. See you all there!

8 thoughts on “File transfers and Empathy

  1. Hi! Just about the screencasts, you should use the version of Istanbul that is in the backports repository. The quality difference is huge and CPU usage has decreased.

    Thanks for your work, I am a fan 🙂


  2. @Kaleo:
    I’m already using Istanbul 0.2.2 (the latest version) as my distro is Debian unstable.

    @Mårten Woxberg:
    Short answer: I don’t know.
    Long answer: Currently gossip developers are adding file transfer support for XMPP/Jabber, but this protocol has several different ways to transfer files, and gmail uses its own system using jingle.


  3. For the GUI dialog, just make sure to change “yes” and “No” dialogs to something like “Accept file” “Decline file”, etc.


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