Telekinesis and source control

Havoc, the jhbuild moduleset for Telekinesis was written before deciding any technical detail on the project, so it builds everything including avahi! As soon as the project becomes usable by someone other than me I want to remove unneeded libraries and add a comment suggesting to skip libraries which have recent versions packaged for common distros.

Mercurial is used only by salut-chat, a simple and ugly Python script I use to test telepathy-salut (the library I’m working on at the moment). When telepathy-salut will get more tests and empathy will support file transfer I plan to kill salut-chat removing the need for Mercurial.

This means that when Telekinesis will start to be useful it will require only darcs (used by Telepathy) and svn (used by mission control and empathy). Anyway, if you are interested in telepathy-salut for Big Board, I can already try to reduce the number of needed modules.

By the way, I agree that a question before pulling each patch is silly, to resolve it use “darcs pull -a“.