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I’m to lazy to write a full blog post on, so I will just say +1 on what Olivier said.

What I can add is that I met a lot of competent people that are interested in Telepathy and Farsight, but some of them seem scared to communicate more with the developers. That’s just wrong! One of the best things about open source (and one of the reasons why I started to hack on GNOME) is that it’s easy to discuss with the developers. Don’t be afraid: report bugs and take part in discussions both on mailing lists and on IRC!

In other news, it seems that my facebook account was cancelled :'(. My profile disappeared, I cannot login anymore and when I try to reset the password I get an error saying that my email address is not registered. I used the form I found somewhere on the web site to contact the staff but I didn’t get any answer for now.