Thanks Barclays…

I cannot understand if this email that Barclaycard (it’s not a scam, the email really comes from them) sent me is a sick April Fools’ joke or what:

Dear Mr Barisione,

You were recently upgraded to a Barclaycard Cashback card.

As you’re registered with mybarclaycard to manage your account online, we’d like to let know about a technical issue that means you will not be able log in to your account. We’re working to resolve this issue, but it will take until 1st June 2010.


If it’s a joke I want to stop using their services, if it’s not do they really need 2 months to fix this issue? This plus receiving fraud prevention phone calls every time I use the Barclays debit card in a shop (it happened three times in the last two weeks, twice just yesterday) and getting the transaction blocked makes me really want to change bank.
Suggestions for a decent bank in the UK? For now the only suggestion I got was Nationwide.