Markoshiki 1.1

In the last month I managed to spend some time on Markoshiki (a puzzle game I developed) to rewrite the way the user interacts with the game and to do several other user interface changes.
I think this is a very good improvement and brings the game 99% close to what I wanted to achieve.

Markoshiki with an empty board  Markoshiki with a partially filled board

Enjoy and let me know what you think about it!

Download from the App Store Download from Google Play

4 thoughts on “Markoshiki 1.1

  1. Great game! Thanks.
    I’d like to mention a minor bug: when I open the app with previous game partially solved, some solved cells are painted in green as if they were cells with notes.
    Other than that, the app is perfect.


  2. @Jacob:
    I’ve seen it once and never again!
    I looked at what could cause it, but I don’t understand how the bug is possible.
    On which device are you running the game?


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