Bye bye Collabora

Seven years ago, immediately after finishing my master’s degree, I visited Cambridge for an “interview” with Collabora. I was hired and, shortly afterwards, I moved to Cambridge.

It has been seven great years since then, even if there were some low points, like when Nokia cancelled some of their projects.
At Collabora I had the opportunity to learn a lot of new things and to work with a lot of incredibly competent and smart people. Despite this, after all this time, I felt like I wanted some little change, but not enough to start looking for another job and risk losing all the good things I had here at Collabora.

Recently, another company got in touch with me and offered me a job. The projects they work on are very interesting and the people there seem great (and, in many ways, similar to the people at Collabora). It was a difficult decision, but I decided to accept.

Today was my last day at Collabora. Thanks to everybody that I’ve met while working there! It was great!
Next week I will start working for Bromium!

(By the way, Collabora is hiring.)

4 thoughts on “Bye bye Collabora

  1. Hi Marco,
    I love HotKeyBind. I am 70 years old and HotKeyBind is great for an old guy.
    Question: where does HotKeyBind save the info for the keys?? I have entered lots of text but can’t find a file with the info. I want to copy HotKeyBind from my main system and move it to a second pc and not have to enter all over again.


  2. Hi, what’s the impact on peamorfrnce and memory usage? It’s sad that even on new computers, the web browser always feels like a brick. How can something that only should show documents be so heavy? WebKit will help in this regard right?


  3. @Lavonne:
    The problem is not the web browsers themselves, but the websites getting more and more complicated and full of features (that need to be supported by browsers). WebKit is huge (considering the lines of code in it) because the modern web is complicated.

    Loading simple websites is fast and doesn’t take much memory, but if you try to load websites like youtube (that uses 100% of one of my CPU cores for several seconds on my laptop) you are going to struggle on a less powerful device!


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