Maemo & Boston summits

I’ve not yet had time to blog about the Maemo Summit and I’m already going to another summit!
The Maemo Summit was very good and with many more people than I expected so I had a lot of interesting conversations. I think that my talk on Telepathy went pretty well (but you are free to contradict me in the comments and suggest me how to a better talk next time) and finally I put the slides online, but probably they are not so useful without somebody explaining them.

Telepathy slides
Telepathy presentation at the Maemo Summit 2008 (PDF, 611KB)

Tomorrow I will fly to Montreal and from there I will go to the Boston Summit with some other Collaborans, see you there!

One thought on “Maemo & Boston summits

  1. Please think about writing a telepathy proxy. I’d like to run it on a server, so I can stay permanently connected to IM and then connect to the proxy when I want to come online.


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