Gnome 3.0 != Topaz

What the release team just announced sounds like a good plan for Gnome 3.0 and also a good strategy for other future major releases. Kudos to them and to the GTK+ developers!
I’m sure that they will give us more details soon both on the planet and on the relevant mailing lists.

Hurray for Gnome 3.0!

5 thoughts on “Gnome 3.0 != Topaz

  1. 3.0 was 2.30
    Now it’s 3.0, not 2.30
    Been a long time gone, 2.30
    Now it’s Turkish delight on a moonlit night

    Users waiting for 2.30
    Wait for 3.0, not 2.30
    So if you’ve a package in 2.30
    It’ll be waiting in 3.0

    Even old Ekiga was once Gnomeeting
    Why they changed it I can’t say
    People just liked it better that way

    So take me back to 2.30
    No, you can’t go back to 2.30
    Been a long time gone, 2.30
    Why did 2.30 get the works
    That’s nobody’s business but the Turks


  2. Smart users don’t care about versioning. I don’t care whether it i called 2.30 or 2.900 or 3.0
    As long as it is as good as 2.22 and not a complete rewrite, I’m sure I will like it.


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