Music back on my hard disk

After my desktop computer died over a year ago I have had no space for mp3s on my hard disk, so I only used the music on my mp3 reader.

A week ago I was able to free some gigabytes of disk space and finally I put my music back on my computer. The first problem I faced was choosing a music player, after some testing the only two competitors were Banshee and Rhythmbox. In the end I chose Banshee, but I have to say that this was a completely subjective choice as both programs are nice and have almost all the features I wanted.

Then I decided to cleanup a bit my mp3s removing duplicates. This is a “once in your life” task, so I didn’t want to spend hours finding a suitable program, understanding how it works and tweaking it: I just needed something that worked without too much hassle.
The first program I found was DupeMusicMatch, you just have to run it passing on the command line the directories where your mp3 or ogg files are and "-r" for a recursive search. DupeMusicMatch just works, it seems to finds some false positives but it seems also able to find duplicates if the file names differ a lot. Thanks Todd Korody for your easy to use program!

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