Blogs, politicians and stupidity

“People who open a blog should be identifiable and they should ask people writing comments to be identifiable too.”
— Maurizio Gasparri, from

Do I have to use my passport every time I write a comment on a blog? And what do I have to do if the server is hosted in another country?

The sad thing about this is that Gasparri is not just a random ignorant politician: he is the former Italian Minister of Communications, and maybe also the next one as his party is probably going to win the elections on Sunday.

Speaking of which, yesterday I watched a report on BBC about Italian elections and now I’m very sad :'(.

3 thoughts on “Blogs, politicians and stupidity

  1. I also heard a documentation today on the national radio about the elections and the current state of the italian state – and I thought, I should be lucky to live in Austria. The italian state, so it seems, needs massive reforms, because the state doesn’t function properly.


  2. Io spero fortissimamente in un pareggio al senato. Al pensiero di altri cinque anni di governo berlusconi mi viene da piangere.


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