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Dear LazyWeb,
  Is there a way to get a notification pop-up every time someone says something in some IRC rooms? But only in some configured rooms! I don’t want a pop-up for every message in every room as I’m paid to work, not to read IRC.

I’m using xchat-gnome and no, I don’t want to use xchat.

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  1. I think conspire (http://www.nenolod.net/conspire) allows much finer grained control over notifications. It can also be powered by d-bus apparently, but it still seems a little young and not quite as simplistic a GUI as xchat-gnome. Sadly xchat-gnome doesn’t appear to have had much work done to it in recent months…


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  3. A script I work on (BottleCap) can do some of this, provide libnotify pop-ups when someone sends you a private message. It can provide pop-ups for channel messages. I intend to implement a filter system so you could have only messages from a certain user, or a certain channel. In the mean time maybe put those channels on a separate config’ directory and run two copies of xchat[-gnome].

    Wiki page: http://www.v8d.org/wiki/index.php?title=BottleCap
    Announcements and blogs related to it: http://www.robertsmall.org/tag/bottlecap/


  4. I don’t mean to go off topic or start some flame bait but… I’ve noticed a fair amount of xchat-gnome users who simply don’t want to switch back to regular old xchat. I’m pretty sure xchat has more features etc. from the extensive menus etc. 😉 I say pretty sure because I don’t use ’em. I’m happy with just the functionality that xchat-gnome has and I don’t use any more than that in xchat. Heck I’m happy with irssi. But I still prefer vanilla xchat because the user list as a sidebar makes soo much more sense to me then having to click on a button to see the users. I think that is a major regression in xchat-gnome. I like how overall the interface is simpler, but that one UI change baffles and totally ruins it for me. Why do you feel the reverse? What does xhat-gnome have that makes you never want to return to vanilla xchat? Again, I’m not trying to argue, I’ve just really gotta know. You’re not the first netizen I’ve encountered who feels that way and I’m wondering if I’m just missing something. =)


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