After the last post I was asked where to find GRegex and how to use it, GRegex is not yet in GLib, probably it will be included in GLib 2.14, and GLib 2.14 will be probably used by Gnome 2.20.

If you can’t wait for GLib 2.14 you can include a copy of EggRegex, as it’s done by the soc-2006 branch of GtkSourceView. EggRegex has the same API of GRegex except for the egg_ prefix instead of g_ for function names, so the update to GRegex should be easy. The Mercurial repository is at, if you are not a Mercurial user you can get the .tar.gz. Please, do not use the EggRegex version you can find in the libegg module at because it’s old, buggy and not API-compatible with GRegex.

If you want to read the GRegex documentation without downloading and compiling anything you can read it from, the relevant pages are the API documentation, the regular expression syntax, and the build options.