Hello Planet GNOME!

This should be my first post on Planet GNOME (thanks jdub), so hello everybody!

So, who am I? I’m Marco Barisione, an Italian student of Computer Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino.

For my third-year dissertation I wrote a new syntax highlighting engine for GtkSourceView 2 with Emanuele Aina, now the code is in the soc-2006 branch of GtkSourceView and Yevgen Muntyan is working on it.

As a spin-off project of the highlighting engine I resurrected EggRegex (originally written by Scott Wimer and then modified by Matthias Clasen), as it was buggy, incomplete and abandoned in libegg. EggRegex, now called GRegex, should be included in glib 2.14 (bug #50075.)

Now I’m working on GSpell, a GObject-based version of Enchant, to add spell checking support into the Gtk+ stack (bug #383706.)

I maintain and host on my server Planet GNOME Italia.

I also wrote some Windows programs, such as WinCalendarTime, a replacement for the standard Windows XP clock, and HotKeyBind, a program that lets you use shortcut key combinations to do common tasks.

One of my hobbies is cooking, so I have a cooking blog in Italian at TarteTatin.it.

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