Small things that matter / 2

After the post on the “Empty Trash” button in the trash folder, I’m looking for other small changes in GNOME 2.17, i.e. the development version for GNOME 2.18. These are not the big changes everyone can see like the new Control Center, but those small things that are improving GNOME version after version.

In the following screenshots you can see Glossy, a new theme included in 2.18 (to tell the truth it’s not a real theme, but just an option to the ClearLooks theme.)

GNOME 2.18

We will have a UI for configuring theme colors, see this post by Tim Retout.

Theme selection

GNOME Screenshot has a new dialog displayed when you pass --interactive to the program, the default if you launch the utility from the menu. Thanks Emmanuele!


The UI of GNOME Power Manager was cleaned up, now the menu is much more readable and the ugly “Power History” window with lots of tabs has been improved too.


Some minor changes were done to the “Startup Programs” tab in gnome-session-properties, spot the differences!


The last small improvement I found is the new “System” tab in GNOME System Monitor, see this, this, and this.


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