Evolution on Windows

I need to share my mails between Linux and Windows, so now I’m using Mozilla Thunderbird sharing the database on a FAT file system. However I HATE THUNDERBIRD! It always corrupts its database and the filters.

Now it’s time to try the alpha version of Evolution for Windows.

First things I noted:

  • It’s 47 MB!
  • Why does it ask my time zone? It could just use the default one used by Windows and however using the time zone selector I’m not able to choose Rome as I always end up selecting the Vatican City.
  • The GUI has some problems but I don’t know if it’s GTK or Evolution fault:
    • Text is often cut
    • The accelerators in the menu should be hidden by default on XP
    • The “New” button is ugly and different from the other buttons
    • The header of the list of messages seems composed by buttons
Evolution on Windows