Torino, a pretty theme for LaTeX Beamer

Beamer is a LaTeX class that allows you to easily create presentations. It contains several themes, but they are a bit ugly, so I wrote a new theme (named Torino) that I’m going to use for the slides for my graduation dissertation.

The look of the theme is based on a layout by Novell/SUSE and the nouvelle color theme uses the same colors of that one. There are other two color themes: chameleon, similar to nouvelle but green only, and freewilly, a blue theme that should look good even with crappy projectors.

The theme accepts some options that allow you to change the logo, the watermark, bullet lists, etc.




A big thank you to Alessandro Finamore who helped me with the realization of the theme.

23 thoughts on “Torino, a pretty theme for LaTeX Beamer

  1. Great. This is also something we need more of in distribution packages. A library of styles (that actually look good) is very valuable. Even Impress doesn’t have that. I hope some distribution (like debian) picks this up.


  2. This looks great, but the Poli logo does not fit very well on the first slide. On the other slides it looks great as it fades out.

    On the first slide I just would do something similar and maybe put the name “Politecnico di Torino” written in the same font (bigger) next to your name. Or leave he logo where it is but choose another color instead of black


  3. Good job.

    IMVHO, a LICENSE file would be clear for its use (beside the licence header in each file).

    OTOH, you could try in you hgweb.config something like:

    style = gitweb

    I think gitweb looks nicer than mercurial’s default theme.


  4. I use beamer frequently … but your template does not compile in my laptop 😦

    The log:

    (./beamerthemeTorino.sty (./beamerinnerthemefancy.sty)
    ! Illegal unit of measure (pt inserted).

    l.65 …erorig}{beamer@decolines@watermarkheight}


    I use standard packages provided with Ubuntu 7.04. Any suggestion? Thanks!


  5. I’m using MikTeX 2.8 and I get the same error as Juanjo Amor. (! Illegal unit of measure (pt inserted). l.65 …erorig}{beamer@decolines@watermarkheight})
    Too bad! I would love to use the theme. It’s so pretty!!!
    Any suggestions??
    (I don’t know if anyone will actually read this comment, it seems kind of quiet here …)


  6. I figured out how to solve the problem with the illegal unit of measure. It’s really easy. You just have to change every instance of px to pt *before you compile anything*. Then it works fine. Yay! I finally get to use this really pretty theme!!!


  7. The theme is very nice, but the equations dont look good. how I can write the equations in other font i.e. sansserif without modify the rest of theme?


  8. To fix the error, just change the “px” by “pt” in lines 22 and 103 of the file beamerouterthemedecolines.sty . This will make the theme usable with xetex!

    By the way… nice theme, I love it and I used it many times.


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