Empathy plugin for nautilus-sendto

I wrote a plugin for nautilus-sendto, so it can send files using Empathy; the code is not in SVN or in bugzilla (because it requires functions not yet merged with Empathy) but it’s already working.

Empathy contacts displayed in nautilus-sendto

Sending a file with nautilus-sendto (Ogg Theora video, 156 kB)

More screenshots and videos are available on the project website.

11 thoughts on “Empathy plugin for nautilus-sendto

  1. Could this abstract up more so you pick a contact and sendto automagically uses the most convenient available empathy transport (ie email if they are offline, or IM if they are online)?


  2. Nice work ๐Ÿ™‚

    Trouble with nautilus-sendto is when you have a jabber roster with all of the people in your company on it you have to scroll through a few screen lengths of drop down.

    Perhaps some query by example would help that.


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