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A web browser for the Raspberry Pi

As I previously mentioned, Collabora has been working with the Raspberry Pi Foundation on various projects including a web browser optimised for the Raspberry Pi. Since the first beta release we have made huge improvements; now the browser is more responsive, it’s faster, and videos work much better (the first beta could play 640×360 videos […]

Early Christmas

It looks like Santa Claus arrived early for the Collabora employees N900 pyramid, and sadly some of them didn’t arrive yet

Contacts on Maemo

After the Maemo Summit the details on the address book application and framework in Maemo 5 are finally completely public so I can openly talk about what I worked on during the past year and, even better, I actually have a smartphone that runs this software! (Thanks to Nokia that gave out 300 N900s, but […]

Maemo & Boston summits

I’ve not yet had time to blog about the Maemo Summit and I’m already going to another summit! The Maemo Summit was very good and with many more people than I expected so I had a lot of interesting conversations. I think that my talk on Telepathy went pretty well (but you are free to […]

Maemo Summit

In a few days I will go to the first Maemo Summit in Berlin where I will give a talk explaining how Telepathy works, how the different components interact and how to use tubes for arbitrary data transfer, useful for instance for playing games with chat contacts or to view a contact’s desktop using VNC. […]

Video support in WebKit GTK

Stuart: Pierre-Luc Beaudoin and Alp Toker implemented video support in WebKit GTK using GStreamer months ago, but probably (I never tried it) it needs some more love before being fully working.

Back from GUADEC[1]

Doesn’t this look like the GUADEC t-shirt? GUADEC was great and talks turned out to be more interesting than what I was expecting after all the decadence discussions, this is also proved by the fact that I managed to stay awake during all the talks despite having a party every day . Being in an […]

Plugin support for WebKit GTK / Qt

A picture is worth a thousand words: Flash plugin in the WebKit GTK demo application Flash plugin in the WebKit Qt demo application Since a few hours ago both WebKit GTK and Qt support plugins! Thanks to everyone who worked on this, in particular to Rodney Dawes (who wrote the original patch in the past […]

What I see from my desk

King’s College Chapel by Jonathan Rawle. License: More King’s College Chapel pictures on flickr Sorry Alban, next month we will swap desks .

New job

Everyone on Planet GNOME is starting a new job, so now it’s my turn: tomorrow I will move to Cambridge (this Cambridge, not one of the other ones) where I will work for Collabora. It’s sad to leave so many friends here but I will work on cool technologies like Telepathy, Cambridge is very nice […]