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reTrumplation, a Twitter bot experiment

A few years ago, somebody introduced me to Translation Party, a website which automatically translates a sentence back and forth until further translations produce the same English text. The results are mostly funny nonsense. Recently at work we were talking about automatic translations, so I thought it could be funny to use the same principle […]

Markoshiki 1.1

In the last month I managed to spend some time on Markoshiki (a puzzle game I developed) to rewrite the way the user interacts with the game and to do several other user interface changes. I think this is a very good improvement and brings the game 99% close to what I wanted to achieve.    […]


Lately, I’ve been working on a web app to learn more about JavaScript, jQuery and other technologies that web developers use. This app is available as a web app, on iPhones/iPads and on Android. Markoshiki is a logic puzzle game, similar to Sudoku, Futoshiki, etc. The user needs to fill the numbers missing from a […]

Bye bye Bromium, hello Undo

In March 2015, I joined Bromium to work on a very cool security product. Unfortunately, my project was put on hold and I was not really interested in the new one, so I decided to leave. In a couple of weeks, I will start working for Undo on their reversible debugger. Imagine how cool it […]

Smart home?

I recently moved into a new home and I started to get it renovated. The first two steps were fixing the heating (I installed a evohome system and I’m very happy with it) and get some old roof Velux windows replaced as one wouldn’t open any more and another had some other problems. Two of […]

Bye bye Collabora

Seven years ago, immediately after finishing my master’s degree, I visited Cambridge for an “interview” with Collabora. I was hired and, shortly afterwards, I moved to Cambridge. It has been seven great years since then, even if there were some low points, like when Nokia cancelled some of their projects. At Collabora I had the […]

What’s happening in Italy?

I read a few good articles in English about the latest elections in Italy, but they all seemed a bit unclear about what can actually happen and what cannot happen. I hope this post can be easy to understand, not too boring and not too imprecise (I’m trying to simplify a few things and I […]

Thanks Barclays…

I cannot understand if this email that Barclaycard (it’s not a scam, the email really comes from them) sent me is a sick April Fools’ joke or what: Dear Mr Barisione, You were recently upgraded to a Barclaycard Cashback card. As you’re registered with mybarclaycard to manage your account online, we’d like to let know […]

Some lovely people out there

Some lovely guy sent me this email: From: ****@gmx.de Subject: Freedom! Take your closed source crap out of this planet, nobody cares about it. — Freedom Lover — Jetzt kostenlos herunterladen: Internet Explorer 8 und Mozilla Firefox 3.5 – sicherer, schneller und einfacher! http://portal.gmx.net/de/go/chbrowser Note the irony of using an email service that adds to […]

Vala, Clutter and limoncello

During this week-end I finally found some time to start playing with Vala and Clutter. I would like to write a small game using them, but I’m not sure I will finish it because the more the time passes the less I seem able to write code in my free time. Now that I’m spending […]