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Dealing with program recordings

[I will be at GUADEC from tomorrow evening. See you in Manchester!] In the previous post I talked about the technology behind UndoDB, in this last post of the series I will talk about replaying recorded programs. Debugging programs with the ability to go backwards is really useful, but what about automated tests? How about […]

How UndoDB works

In the previous post I described what UndoDB is, now I will describe how the technology works. The naïve approach to record the execution of a program is to record everything that happens, that is the effects of every single machine instruction. This is what gdb does to offer reversible debugging. Unfortunately this is so […]

What I do at Undo

In October, I started working for Undo and, now that I understand our technology better, it’s time to explain what I do. Undo produces a (closed source) technology which allows to record, rewind and replay Linux programs (on x86 and ARM). One of our products using this technology is UndoDB, a debugger built on top […]