Markoshiki 1.1

In the last month I managed to spend some time on Markoshiki (a puzzle game I developed) to rewrite the way the user interacts with the game and to do several other user interface changes.
I think this is a very good improvement and brings the game 99% close to what I wanted to achieve.

Markoshiki with an empty board  Markoshiki with a partially filled board

Enjoy and let me know what you think about it!

Download from the App Store Download from Google Play

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Reader Comments

This is great!

Even my wife is playing :)

Publish it on fdroid! :-)

Great game! Thanks.
I’d like to mention a minor bug: when I open the app with previous game partially solved, some solved cells are painted in green as if they were cells with notes.
Other than that, the app is perfect.

I’ve seen it once and never again!
I looked at what could cause it, but I don’t understand how the bug is possible.
On which device are you running the game?