Ringtoned 0.2.1

The Fremantle daemon that decodes ringtones seems to have a bug that, in some cases, makes it produce wave files with an invalid size in them. These files cannot be played by libcanberra, so it meant that some ringtones couldn’t be played when you receive a phone call. I just released ringtoned 0.2.1 with a work around for the bug, please let me know if this version works better for you.

Anyway, I got a new component in the Meamo Bugzilla for ringtoned, so please report bugs there.

Update 2: I released ringtoned 0.2.2 that just adds some more debugging info to make my life easier.

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oh thanks a lot for your fast solution! very appreciate you. i will try asap. thanks ya…

The previous version works fine. This version is, not working. My n900 not ringing the same settings, same ringtones.

Are you sure you are using today’s update?

Yes. Upgrade and test. Not work.
Remove and install test. Not work.

If the program was remove I don’t see how can ringtones be broken…

Testing tomorrow, the config and programs and write the final result.

I removed the previous version. It seems that the settings were not removed cause when I installed the new one the custom ringtones were already set.
Anyway the delay bug is solved but the phone is not ringing at all!
Maybe because of the old settigs that wasn’t removed?
Also I notticed that when the proximity sensor is covered the light of the screen remains closed when a call is recived… and the phone is not ringing!
I should use wav files for ringtones?

The behaviour when the proximity sensor is on is the same if ringtoned is running or not.
For the problem with the ringtones still not playing is https://bugs.maemo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11145

me too. already install & got same problem. when received call, there’s no ringing.

please barison, can you give us a link to download the first version of custom ringtones….it was working well for me…the fix doesn’t work…i just need to downgrade to the original custom ringtone

please i just need the first version of custom ringtone not the upgrade one.

Hi Barisione. I am also facing the same problem.

In my case when the older version (ver no. not remembered)was working, it was working alright except that 1. ringing delay problem was still there
2. when the proximity sensor is covered in case while ringing of incoming call, the custom ring or the default one was sounding ok. but as soon as the proximity sensor is exposed to light, the custom or the default ringtone was becoming silent SOMETIMES. Also the screen display of the caller name was fluctuating & getting restored.

Now yesterday on 16th, when I updated, all (custom as well as the default) ringing became silent although the incoming calls were there.

Kindly debug this.

Also I suggest to have custom group rings to be available.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Thanks for working so hard on this problem, I am still having the same issue though. My mp3 ringtones don’t play and my phone doesn’t vibrate either. I hope you can get it resolved soon, let me know if I can be of any assistance. :)

Can somebody with the ringtones still not working give me the logs I’m asking in bug 11145 please?

I also attached 3 updated packages to the bug report, does anybody want to try them?

new update is great, ringtones are now instant, mp3s were playing crackly though, but converted them to aac and working fine now.
im sure that there is a system bug that has been filed to do with crackly mp3s a long time ago.
anyway thanks for ur effort

All the files are converted to .wav files, so there should not be any difference…
Well, unless the conversion code doesn’t work well, but in this case mp3 ringtones should sound bad also when ringtoned is not installed.

Sorry but I tested the latest version and no difference. The phone is not ringing! I’m looking forward for a new one! Cheers!

Did you try with the packages attached to the bug?

I released 0.2.3, can people try it and tell me if it works for them?

Now I tryed them(first I installed from extras-devel and didn’t work).

It’s working now, the ringtones are played clearly. I use mp3 ringtones.

I noticed that the ringtone is played instantlly in the moment of connection but there is a little delay of the answering window, under two seconds! I didn’t notticed this delay in previous version!
If you can solve this little issue and the vibration one your app will be perfect!
To conclude, using the deb from bug report, the ringtone is played instantlly and after 1-2 seconds is shown the answering window!

It’s not that the call UI is delayed, it’s as fast/slow as usual, it’s just that my program is too fast ;)
Vibration is my next step.

Than do it a little bit slower so the ringtone and answer window to be syncronized! :)

Now, to be honnest I’m sure you can make a perfect application…

It’s working fine except for the vibration…hurry up man!!
Just joking…hehehe

Good job!

weldone! u work very hard to solve the problem. thanks man. try making a call to my n900 n noticed ringing shown first before answering window appear. but if both ringing n window appear at da same time is bettter. then vibrate issue. noticed in silent mode, vibrate function but in general/custom mode, there’s no vibrate. honestly, u did gud work. thanks alot man. i wait for da next upgrade.

Updated to the latest version and it works great. Last night, I tried being called from two different phones and with both, both custom set and the default ringtone started playing. But not today with the new version. Also had the problem that a lot of calls were silent the last two days. Don,t know yet whether that is resolvded as I don’t receive that many calls. Will tell if the problem recurs. No vibration, but that doesn’t matter to me.

Forgot one thing. Great work Marco!! Really appreciate the effort you are putting into this!! you should add a Donate-button! Keep up the good work!!

Thanks for working so hard on this barisione, its impressive to see how on top of things you are!
Btw I dont think delaying the ring makes any sense, the earlier you are alerted of the call the greater the chance you have to answer.
Anyway great app and thanks again!

Hello Marco,

Sorry that I finally uninstalled your app.

I put my N900 on desk right in front of me this morning. I noticed it displayed lighted up, I was expecting an incoming call but nothing happened; until 30 seconds later, the N900 gave a missed call message.

At lunch time, I was waiting a friend in a mall for lunch. I thought my friend or the restaurant might call so I held the phone in hand at my chest. My N900 lighted up and showed the Phone panel but before I could react to answer, the caller hung up.

After reading the feedback from people who tried your latest upgrade version, I am afraid you are yet closed to final solution.

People praised N900 a mini computer, yes, it is powerful and fast in web-surfing; however, most people still bought it as a mobile phone including me. If we miss most calls, it is not serving its core function. Forgive me for uninstalling your app. for now.

When you are able to solve the problem and release a workable version, I would like to be one of the first to re-install your app.

Thank you again for your work and efforts.


Had the chance to try it out more now, and the program works great. Received four different calls and the chosen ringtone is heard right at the same time as the phones display lights up. and the caller only hear one ring before I answer (planned calls). A great improvement from earlier versions. Thanks again for the great effort!


For your information, my N900 is now working normally after uninstalling your app.

Both ringtone and vibration work when calls coming in.

The Outgoing Calls Vibro app. I installed, did not work; now even this app. is working.

I cannot understand why your latest version works on your N900 and Cath’s but not on many others. I suppose we all are having the same version of Maemo 5.


my phone was bought in june and I have the newest version of Maemo. maybe some apps interfere? I’vce mainly downloaded games, in addition to stopwatch, currency converter, some noteapps, call notify and a few other apps of the same type.

Hi Marco, I installed the latest version of 0.2.3, but it still is not working correctly. When I select an mp3 file as a custom ringtone, it defaults to the Nokia rintgone (an mp3 is my default) and that ringtone plays in a very garbled manner. I do appreciate how hard you are working and your continued effort though! :)

Cath, we bought the N900 at almost same time. My N900 is having firmware version #10.2010.19-1 – PR 1.2, I guess it is the latest; N900 Board type #RX-51, version #2204; Rootfs Free 73.0 M.

I have installed quite a number of applications but those related to phone function * ringtones are:

Call forwarding applet;
Caller ID State Switcher Widget;
eSpeak -CLI Speech synthesizer (inactive);
Extended Call Log;
ProfilesX Extended Profiles Manager;
Outcoming Call Vibro;
Custom ringtones for your contacts (this application but uninstalled for now);
Crochik MyContacts – Uninstalled (I tried this MyContacts before I found Marco’s app. but MyContacts too complicated for me and I had it uninstalled without actually using it. Remark: I read some feedback on MyContacts that people are also having ringtone problem with that app.).


mine’s working except vibration. try restart after install. if u was install previous version, u have clear n clean first using x terminal. refer previous posting. 1 more, maybe clash wif other application.

Thanks for the tip, ismail.

It makes sense to clean up previous version before installing the latest one.

However, for users who have no experience in programming like me, “X Terminal” is an area that we would not dare to enter. If we type in something wrong or delete something important, it could disable the device and then it would be out of our knowledge to do software repair.


Removing the application and reinstalling should not change anything, it’s not Windows ;)
I guess that this program is incompatible with some other program, I will have to try.

Hi again.

I just tried the actual version again and still I missed some calls cos of no ringing.
The calls I missed didn’t have a custom ringtone set.

Timothy: I have none of the apps you mentioned. The only ones connected to calls are Call Notify and Jenirok. and I use the default contact app.

With the latest version 0.2.3-0, I tested the following functions:
– assigned Custom ringtone and sound/volume: OK
– Default ringtone for contacts w/o custom ringtone: OK and sound/volume ok
– Default ringtone for calls w/o caller ID: OK and sound/volume ok
– Vibration: not working
However: Marco, thanks a lot for all your effort. I was used to have custom ringtones and I missed the functionality.

Where can I download the latest version. Give me the link please.

@Timothy CHAN

Excuse me but how dare you! Man. I almost popped blood vessel in my head when i read your comments about DEVEL application.

Here is something to think about before saying something about average joes users.

“The software hosted in extras-devel is not ready for normal users!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t play with it unless you really know what you are doing. Be ready to file proper bug reports instead of posting complaints.

Expected problems: crashes, battery drain, poor system performance, full disk space & more – SERIOUSLY!
Don’t play with Extras-devel if you haven’t backed up your data or aren’t prepared to re-flash your device.”
from http://wiki.maemo.org/Extras-devel

And you are speaking fear of x-term. What were you thinking when you chose to try devel application that probably requires at least some kind of skills in x-term. Makes me so angry. Have to end up here before I go trolling spree.

And Barisione. Keep up the great work. You are amazing!

This is a nice app, and I’m very glad that people like you are bringing the N900 up to the state that most other phones are out of the box. ;)

Can I please do a ‘me too’ for an earlier feature request – the ability to have a flag set for some contact(s) that will cause the phone to ring, even if the profile is set to silent.

I have no idea how difficult the telepathy (etc) API’s make such a feature to implement .. so I’m happy to defer if you reckon it’s too messy to try to wedge into ringtoned.