Feature complete custom ringtones

I finally released a version of “Custom ringtones for your contacts” that implements every basic feature I wanted to have for a first stable version, so I think it deserves being called 1.0 :).
Apart from some bug fixes, this new version is translatable and allow you to set a ringtone for callers with a hidden phone number and for contacts not in your address book. The new settings are available from the address book settings dialog.

The settings dialog with the extra ringtone buttons
The settings dialog with the extra ringtone buttons

For now there is only an Italian translation, but any help to get more is appreciated. Don’t worry, there are just 8 strings to translate!
To propose a new translation just go to the Transifex component page, download the .pot source file, add the translations to it, login to Transifex, and upload the file by pressing “Add a new translation” and setting as target file “po/XX.po” (where “XX” it the language code, for instance “fi” for Finnish, “de” for German, etc.). If you don’t know how to use gettext translation files I suggest using Poedit or gtranslator.

The custom ringtones application is now available both from extras-testing and from my personal repository:

Install per-contact-ringtones
Install from my personal repository
(follow the link on the N900 browser)

Update: I released version 1.0.1 containing some new translations: German (by NightShift79), French (by Alban Crequy), Brazilian Portuguese (by Humberto Sgrott Reis) and Swedish (by Andreas Henriksson). I will add more when I receive more.

Update 2: I released version 1.0.2 containing a crasher fix and some new translations: Albanian (by Ilir Gjika), Dutch (by Daniel Holsboer) and Spanish (by Fernando Borrego Polo).

Update 3: I released version 1.0.3 containing some new translations: Russian (by Misha Ketslah), Norwegian (by Stian Husemoen), Korean (by KwangHee Cho), Czech (by Pavel Fric), Hungrarian (by Balázs Bárány) and Romanian (by Bogdan Vernescu).

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I just did a german translation, but I’m somehow unable to upload it…

maybe you can have a look and upload it?


Unable to upload it because it fails with an error? Your .po file is invalid; you have to put the translation where msgstr is, leaving the msdid as is.
Also the comment at the beginning should be filled.
Try using Poedit, it could make your life easier.
Look at the Italian translation to see how it’s done: http://www.transifex.net/projects/p/ringtoned/c/per-contact-ringtones/view/po/it.po

Yes… My mistake…
Now I got it done properly.
But I can’t find the button to add translation on transiflex…

The button is not there if you are not logged in.

: )

I’m registered and already locked in…
Still no button to upload *.po file…


I requested a new ‘german’ translation team. afterwards i was able to upload the *.po file.

A file called ‘po/de.po’ has been submitted to the Per contact ringtones of the Custom ringtones for Maemo project by NightShift79 6 minutes ago.

But it’s not visible on the page, yet.
Guess I have to wait…

And how does it work? How to get the translation onto my phone?

When you request a translation it sends the file to me and I verify it.
I just wrote you an email.
To get the translation on your phone you have to wait for an update or compile the .po file to a .mo (I think there is an option for that in poedit) and copy it in /usr/share/locale/XX/LC_MESSAGES/ (where XX is the usual language code).

I have a norwegian translation, but a bit of hassle to get it uploaded it seems, give me word if you stil want it.

one last try. got it uploaded :)

@Stian Husemoen:
I received an email notifying me of a new Norwegian translation team, but no translation.
Can you try again? If it doesn’t work just email me please.

hi man , great app and good job.
if u want i can translate it to persian also , best regard porkar

got it in use since v 1.0 all days
and I love it! Works great. :)

I wonder if it’s possible place the “Set custom ringtone” button not in the drop-down menu but directly in the contacts view.

or maybe add a dialog with the same behavior like the ringtone selection in profiles.

(example photoshopped)

Oh… and plz don’t flame me for asking Marco if he’s willing to work even more :P

He’s great, he did an awesome job.


Hi, thank you for excellent application!
I’ve did Russian translation and logged in to transifix, but still do not see “Add/upload new translation” button.

Maybe you could download it and process

or please advise what i do wrong =)


I have Nokia N900, in this phone i think there should be vedio call allow without internet connections, and threre shoul be edit lable facility in contacts.

uploaded russian translation and it shows that in log down the page but can’t see it in list of translations

That would be nice. Is there already a community translation to Persian of the official Maemo apps?

A similar button should go into the edit dialog and not there, but there is no proper (nor easy) way to do it.

@vivek mandelia:
I’m not sure what you mean.

Just to confirm, does this version require wav files for the ringtones (and behave slowly otherwise) or can we use mp3s without any worries? Either way, thanks for the great work.

It works with any kind of file.

Hi Marco,
I have been trying to upload a translation file, but I keep getting an error message “You need to be in the ‘None’ team of this project for being able to send translations to that file target.”

Could you please advise what I am doing wrong? I have tried several different options in the “Select target file” in addition to just entering it in, but still get the error “You need to be in the ‘None’ team of this project for being able to send translations to that file target.”

Hope you can help.



Guys, I downloaded it, but when I get to install it, the phone keps saying that there is a conflict between packages…
Conflicts between Maemo 5 (2.2009.51-1)
hildon-thumbnail (3.0.43+0m5)

What should I do?
Is there a problem with the programs from my phone?
Because, as it seems, this happened only with me…

Help, please!!!


I released a new version of per contact ringtones with more translations. If it works for you could you upvote it on its page on maemo.org, so I can promote it to extras?

Hi there,
I don’t know what I’m doing wrong so I need a little help please.

I installed the current version of the app directly from your site to my phone.

I’ve reeboted my phone.

After that I called myself from another phone (without setting a custom ringtone) and there is a huge delay… My phone vibrates 3 times and only aftr that it stars ringing.

I set a custom ringtone to one of my contacts (.mp3) and then I asked that contact to call me… the exact same delay… the phone vibrates 3 times and after that starts to ring.

I uninstalled the application, and after that I installed it again… the same results, PLEASE HELP!

Hi again,
will anyone please help me because I really need this application!

at least someone tell me please if u encounter this delay…

I sow that you added romanian translation to your application. I guess this will be available only with romanian localization for maemo. N900 is not supporting romanian translation. Can you make such an application?
Send me all the text in english and I will translate it in romanian. Then you can make a deb file with Romanian Localization for Maemo!
Please help romanian comunity!

@Radu, RaduPop:
Could you two please not use the comments as a chat and not comment in Romanian (or any other language that is not English)?

For the problems you see, I have no idea without logs and nobody else complained about the same. Could you please report a bug attaching the logs as explained in http://blog.barisione.org/2010-08/ringtoned-024-now-with-vibration/ ?

OK, sorry for that but no one was answering me and Radu helped me a little bit.
By the way, the app is working almost perfectly know… I did a “clear my device” and after I installed it againg from here and is working.
GJ Marco Barisione

I just wanted to come here and say thanks for this app. It was much needed and is working great for me. Thanks.

I’ve created a Danish translation and requested a Danish translation team.

All the meta stuff in the top of the file (everything above the actual translation, lines 1-17), how much of that am I supposed to change?


I want to ad Polish translation but on this website I wait for Polish translation team to be added.