Early Christmas

It looks like Santa Claus arrived early for the Collabora employees :D

The N900 pyramid
N900 pyramid, and sadly some of them didn’t arrive yet

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Seriously jealous.

If you have any spare, feel free to send them our way :)

*covet covet covet*

and just as my phone broke you start building your own civilization sheltered in fortresses built from Linux powered cellphone packaging materials.

Not that I am jealous or anything.

I’ll take one, if I may, and let you know what the common man thinks of them!

I wonder how many of them reboot spontaneously. I don’t mean get negative, just wondering if perhaps we can finally get an idea of what percentage of the units are flawed. Mine does. =(

Matt, I never heard of this or noticed this. Did you buy your N900 or get it at some even like the Maemo summit? If it’s a software problem it will probably be fixed in a software update, if it’s hardware you should probably return your phone.

I purchased mine through Dell.com. It seems to be fairly evenly spread across all distribution channels. The general consensus so far is that is more of a hardware bug that software but even Nokia, at this point, seems to be unsure of the exact cause. I genuinely hope that you do not have to deal with this as it is extremely frustrating. On the off-chance that you do here is the bug where much of the diagnosis is still being done. As you can see from the report, there are many others with the same issue.


i really hate you :(

Well, I know what place I\’m targeting tonight, then…

They are already gone ;)

Thanks guys :D got mine today :D

im open for any christmas gift, provided u should replace my n81.hahah


What?! And I had my ski mask ready :(

Why are you happy to get something that runs proprietary software? Why are you happy that you are giving your money to somebody that is fighting together with Microsoft and Novell against freedom and for patents?

Why did you close the comments on http://blog.barisione.org/2009-10/contacts-on-maemo/? Tired of hearing people complaining about Nokia’s closed source software?

Another Freedom Lover, thanks for the lovely comments. I’m not going to delete them just because they are a proof of how many idiots exist.

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