Archives for July, 2008

Video support in WebKit GTK

Stuart: Pierre-Luc Beaudoin and Alp Toker implemented video support in WebKit GTK using GStreamer months ago, but probably (I never tried it) it needs some more love before being fully working.

Automatic generation of .list files

When you use a VCS that makes it easy to manage several braches, it’s easy to get conflicts in the .list file used to generate the C marshallers. I recently fixed this problem in WebKit stealing some code used at least by various Telepathy components and by avahi-gobject, and I want to share the solution […]

Back from GUADEC[1]

Doesn’t this look like the GUADEC t-shirt? GUADEC was great and talks turned out to be more interesting than what I was expecting after all the decadence discussions, this is also proved by the fact that I managed to stay awake during all the talks despite having a party every day . Being in an […]

Tabs in Empathy

The Empathy team is proud to announce you that the next release of our fantastic instant messaging client will use tabs for both accounts and groups. This important change will bring Empathy closer to GNOME 3.0 following the path of other popular applications, like Totem, Banshee and gcalctool. See bug #542675 for more details.

Gnome 3.0 != Topaz

What the release team just announced sounds like a good plan for Gnome 3.0 and also a good strategy for other future major releases. Kudos to them and to the GTK+ developers! I’m sure that they will give us more details soon both on the planet and on the relevant mailing lists. Hurray for Gnome […]

Istanbul, I’m arriving!

I’m blogging from my n810[1] while having breakfast, in a hour I will be on a train to Heathrow, destination: Istanbul. See you all at GUADEC! [1] Having a real keyboard is fantastic, but how do I insert the angular brackets?

Music back on my hard disk

After my desktop computer died over a year ago I have had no space for mp3s on my hard disk, so I only used the music on my mp3 reader. A week ago I was able to free some gigabytes of disk space and finally I put my music back on my computer. The first […]