Archives for March, 2008

Please take these things away

Matthew is leaving the house to move to London: I wonder why I took a OS/2 Warp box (21 floppy disks + 14 for the bonus pack), a KDE bag and a 2007 bag…

Notify channels plugin for xchat(-gnome)

The LazyWeb was not that useful but I was able to find a plugin that does what I need. It is listed in the plugins page on but for some reasons I didn’t find it the first time I searched. The notify channels plugin has every basic feature I need, and it’s also simple […]

xchat-gnome and notifications

Dear LazyWeb,   Is there a way to get a notification pop-up every time someone says something in some IRC rooms? But only in some configured rooms! I don’t want a pop-up for every message in every room as I’m paid to work, not to read IRC. I’m using xchat-gnome and no, I don’t want to […]

What I see from my desk

King’s College Chapel by Jonathan Rawle. License: More King’s College Chapel pictures on flickr Sorry Alban, next month we will swap desks .

New job

Everyone on Planet GNOME is starting a new job, so now it’s my turn: tomorrow I will move to Cambridge (this Cambridge, not one of the other ones) where I will work for Collabora. It’s sad to leave so many friends here but I will work on cool technologies like Telepathy, Cambridge is very nice […]