Tabs in Empathy

The Empathy team is proud to announce you that the next release of our fantastic instant messaging client will use tabs for both accounts and groups. This important change will bring Empathy closer to GNOME 3.0 following the path of other popular applications, like Totem, Banshee and gcalctool.

Tabs in Empathy

See bug #542675 for more details.

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my god:)


No patches. Please no patches. PLEASE!!!

And where is the real 3.0 news, darnit? I don’t know how it’s happened, but it seems this entire planet is now unified in driving its readers mad :O

[…] There seems to be this new fad at adding tabs, but GnomeICU has had them for years, since 2002. You guys are like sooo late. […]

hahaha, genius :-D

actually, the per-protocol tab is not such a bad idea…

oh. please do not commit it.

This is so wrong… I would never use a UI like this.

I am beginning to suspect that this is a joke that was concocted at GUADEC and is meant to provoke a response from the users :)

Cannot see why this sudden “tabs everywhere” craze should be happening for any other reason.

[…] It seems like GNOME crew is adding tabs everywhere these days… see here, here and here ; and now also in empathy. […]

If you have in any application an urge of adding tabs, you must be doing something wrong with the UI anyways… That’s horrible, just plain horrible sight, and really non-pervasive UI to use. Kill it with fire.

Seriously, the last couple days (tab news all over) have made me thinking of purchasing an iMac for real. Nice hardware, and I guess the operating system is fine as well, at least compared to the Gnome after some shitwads ruined the UI by slapping tabs everywhere.

OMG..How Cool… !

[…] dans Empathy aussi : […]

KDE went through a tab-everything fad a year or so ago. I wonder if it’s an “Oh my god! we’ve got a major version jump coming up… what can we do in the meantime to keep the existing users happy?” thing.

I too hope this is a joke.


Some kind of knee-jerk anti-tab reaction to all these jokes – and what I see is actually something usable. At the very least, better in many cases than what we have today… then again, these are probably the same people that still advocates spatial mode because it might just, you know, be theoretically “superior” in some undefined way that actual users empirically hate.

Yeah, I’m also really hoping all these tabs post are joke.

I think that the tabs everywhere thing might be getting a bit out of hand but at the same time its a good thing to happen. Pushing a navigation technique among loads of gnome apps at once is a great way of adding something collaboratively. Of course not all apps will lend themselves nicely to the new ui but I think that empathy will.
The only apps I don’t want tabs in are apps which are already very busy. Tabs in someting like banshee would be really cool but at the same time what happens when you try to resize the thing. The amount of widgets in it already, the forthcoming widgets like recommendations,genre and album art. Add tabs to the mix and it will be completely impossible to resize it at all on my screen at least 19″ by the way.
So all in all I think that the tabs will work in apps like empathy due to the simplicity of the interface. Will also be so freaking handy when tabs ae in nautilus :D

“Some kind of knee-jerk anti-tab reaction to all these jokes – and what I see is actually something usable.”

No. Because 1) it will force you to use more clicks to accomplish the same things that you used to be able to accomplish with less clicks 2) you have to sometimes remember what’s in the inactive tabs. Plus, it makes the UI more crowded and complex. Usability wise these tabs are plain bullshit, and these tabs should be removed ASAP from totem/nautilus/empathy/whatever.

Look at the tags for the flickr image…

This has to be a joke, vertical tabs are not only hideous but hard to read and use, and i may need to view 2 or more groups at the same time, why hide them and make the user click more times than he needs? A better use of tabs would be to sepparate online from offline contacs.

I you plan to follow trends may i suggest adding quicksearch to the top? It’d enable to find contacts even if they are hidden under a tab that’s not currently selected.

@sryo: man, you are telling this to wrong people, they are typing their comments before reading even the half of the post. I wish there existed a closed part of the Web, where a doorkeeper bot would test, whether the person has a sense of humour and throw him out if he does not.

Sorry, I did not mean sryo, but Anonymous before him. My apologies.

This is a great program, but there’s an issue. When adding a second Telepathy connection manager, it doubles the existing protocol, so when you add one account you get 2 MSN options, 2 GoogleTalk, 2 IRC, etc…

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[…] Posted in Linux in odprta koda Na letošnjem GUADEC srečanju v Turčiji so nekateri Gnome razvijalci presenetili z načrtom za namizje Gnome 3.0. Tako Lucas piše o prehodu iz Gnome 2.30 v različico 3.0, skupaj z Gtk+ 3.0. No po teh predstavitvah so razvijalci doživljajo nekakšno 3.0 evforijo in spreminjajo svoje projekte za novo namizno paradigmo za različico 3.0: jezički, jezički. Kar pomeni, da bo celotno namizje močno izkoriščalo jezičke (ang. tabs) pri vsaki Gnome aplikaciji. In da mislijo resno, so tudi že prilagodili kar nekaj programov. […]

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nested tabs remind me of my grandfather..
once he gave me a present, inside a box, inside another box, inside another box, inside another box..


and then HE DIED.
So be careful fetish tab ppl, you’re warned.

yes, these are the right kind of reactions :))))

I hope this is a joke. Tabs = yum remove empathy

[…] I’m happy that GNOME has a vision, but sadly, it’s one step forward, three billion steps back. I mean, vertical damn tabs? Why don’t you start eating babies while you’re at it? […]

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[…] GNOME people had so much fun lately with jokes on notebook tabs. While some are obvious jokes (like d-bus one and tab on tab), some of the mock-ups really look realistic: gcalctool, banshee, pidgin, totem, empathy, panel, and possibly there are more. […]