Plugin support for WebKit GTK / Qt

A picture is worth a thousand words:

YouTube video in WebKit GTK
Flash plugin in the WebKit GTK demo application

YouTube video in QtWebKit
Flash plugin in the WebKit Qt demo application

Since a few hours ago both WebKit GTK and Qt support plugins! Thanks to everyone who worked on this, in particular to Rodney Dawes (who wrote the original patch in the past months) and to Marc Ordinas i Llopis (who maintained the patch and worked on the Qt port, and who recently joined us at Collabora). A thank you also to Alp Toker and Simon Hausmann who reviewed the patch.

Update: See also Marc’s blog for details.

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Dude, if that screenshot is not using Swfdec….

It’s not. You lose.

@Benjamin Otte:
Why should I show something that is easy to support when I can show something that was very hard to support? :)

[…] Another gem from planet gnome. WebKit GTK and QT are finally getting pluggin support (follow the link for screenshot bling). WebKit is fast becoming the little browser engine that could. I’m looking forward to seeing the GTK and QT pushes bring on an age that gets us native Win32 WebKit. I can think of tonnes of projects where I needed a light weight, easy to embed browser engine and instead resort to IE shell hacks. […]

Big caveat – Java doesn’t work. Actually quite a lot of plugins don’t work yet. :) But the guys working on the patch are going pretty fast, so hopefully that’ll get fixed soon.

Anyone running Mandriva can follow development on this by installing Midori (which will automatically pull in WebKit). If you’re on Cooker, you’ll get new stuff quite fast. If you’re on 2008 or 2008 Spring, install from /contrib/backports , and note that I don’t update those packages quite so often.

This is awesome stuff, well done on finishing up the patch :) As soon as I can log onto Google with WebKit, bye bye Firefox!

Chris: I just tested, with yesterday’s nightly and Midori I can log in to Google just fine…

Any hope of getting Flash to layer properly on a page so that HTML elements can appear on top of it? Although if I remember correctly thats a Flash problem, not a browser issue… but a boy can dream!

Marco, is that fault tolerant? When a plugin goes haywire on Firefox, it can bring down the whole browser at the worst. On Konqueror they have been always isolated properly.. So, what sort of system does that use now?

I’m waitin for AdBlock+ for Midori )

Awesome work, Marco!

[…] Marco Barisione ha da poco segnalato che i port GTK e Qt di WebKit hanno appena ottenuto il supporto ai plugin! Come dice lui stesso, una parola vale mille immagini (o era al contrario?): […]

No, they run in the same process to allow scriptability of web objects.

I just blogged about it, other wrote the plugin stuff :)

Very nice!

Are the plugins in a separate process which can be locked into a seperate SELinux context like one can do with Firefox’s nspluginwrapper?

michael schurter,

There’s a bug filed for this:
Bug 18831: [GTK] support windowless plugins


I believe NSPluginWrapper is just an ordinary plugin so it should just work. If it does, it’d be nice to hear your success report. If it doesn’t, please file a but at

unfortunately non of webkit browsers saves cookies after browser restart. I will switch from firefox to epiphany-webkit as soon as it will be storing cookies. i dont care about plugins and all the stuff. all i need is cookies, favorites, history and fast engine like webkit is :)

Why would you want to store cookies over multiple sessions!?
I have Firefox automatically clear my cookies when I quit. :-|

because i like to remember passwords for forums and my identity saving in blogs and other public sites.

I believe Arora ( ) saves cookies across sessions as well as Qt’s ‘demobrowser’ (Arora is descended from the demobrowser). Arora has lots of nifty features and works fine against webkit svn (last I heard at least). Funny that I’m recommending a competing (webkit-based) browser to someone :P