I want my numpad back!

Dear LazyWeb,
  Every time I log into GNOME I have to disable the “Allow to control the pointer using the keyboard” option in “Keyboard Preferences” if I want to be able to use the numpad on my external keyboard. Why disabling it once is not enough? How can I permanently disable this option?

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And why would the keypad control the mouse pointer when NumLock is pressed?

Being able to move the mouse pointer using the keyboard seems like a nice feature. But when NumLock is on, then the user certainly wants to use the keypad for entering numbers. And GNOME should respect that.

Shift+NumLock activates mouse keys. Unfortunately, on my Thinkpad, Shift+ScrollLock emits the NumLock keysym, and X sees that Shift is down when Numlock is pressed and turns on mouse keys.

Ahaaaa, that’s what it was! I thought it was because of some weird Apple Keyboard Layout issue or something – at last I’ve got my numpad back.

Thanks!, I’ve problem with my keypad (Logitech Wireless).. it was so easy: Shift+ Num Lock.

Thanks to Barisione for his Blog and Jose Antonio for the perfect solution!!! What can be better than be able quickly to choose between different modes! Super. I thought already that I’ve broken somewhere somewhat, but that is a feature :)

And all other of course!