What I see from my desk

King’s College Chapel by Jonathan Rawle. License:
More King’s College Chapel pictures on flickr

Sorry Alban, next month we will swap desks :).

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But today was too much windy :)

Hmm, that would suggest your desk has another benefit – it’s very close to the fudge shop. :)

In the Cathedral and the Bazaar mythology, I guess you are a Cathedral-kinda guy? ;-)

What, you’re working in King’s Parade in the picture-framing shop?

@Thomas Thurman:
No, in the fudge shop :P

@Adam Williamson:
I discovered today what fudge is… Thank you wikipedia!

I lived in Cambridge for four years. I was bored of that view after about a week :)

Is your office near the open-air market?

Yep, Collabora is just in front of the main entrance of the King’s college.