Archives for September, 2007

The theme formerly known as Gummy

Ahoy! Gnome 2.20 has a new Clearlooks version, known during development as Gummy. The main new features are blue scrollbars, fading tabs and rounded toolbars. Clearlooks (gummy) ClearlooksClassic If you don’t like the new theme you can use ClearlooksClassic, or just disable the single features you don’t like. To do so, just open (or create […]

Torino, a pretty theme for LaTeX Beamer

Beamer is a LaTeX class that allows you to easily create presentations. It contains several themes, but they are a bit ugly, so I wrote a new theme (named Torino) that I’m going to use for the slides for my graduation dissertation. The look of the theme is based on a layout by Novell/SUSE and […]

Lasagna with Leeks and Sausage

I usually prefer oven ready lasagna as it doesn’t need to be boiled before assembling the dish, but you can also use dried or fresh lasagna or prepare the pasta on your own. In the latter case you can use the lasagna recipe written by Fabio Rosciano. If you are using non-oven ready pasta you […]