Archives for March, 2007

Simple user-to-user file transfer without configuration in a LAN

There are many solutions to share one or more files, from setting up a Samba share, to a personal directory in a HTTP or FTP server, they have one big common flaw: they do not “just work”. As a consequence people often use services relying on an external server (such as email and chat), or […]

GRegex in GLib

This morning I committed GRegex to svn, so glib 2.14 will have regular expression support. GRegex is a wrapper around the PCRE library by Philip Hazel that has several interesting features: Faster than GNU regexp Good Unicode support Advanced constructs, such as positive and negative look-ahead and look-behind assertions, named sub-patterns, etc. Normal (Perl-like) matching […]

New mobile phone and Bluetooth

My two years old mobile phone died, so I bought a Nokia 6111, a small, nice and very usable phone. This is my first Bluetooth mobile phone, so I tried for the first time Bluetooth on my MacBook. On Debian it works out of the box (you only need the bluetooth package), but Debian doesn’t […]