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WinCalendarTime 1.0

Not as useful as the Gnome clock applet, but still useful when you are forced to use Windows XP, WinCalendarTime replaces the standard Windows clock with an enhanced one, if you click on it a calendar is displayed. This new version contains only some bug fixes. I’m using Windows only a few hours per month, […]

GtkSourceView licensing

GtkSourceView is currently licensed under GPL but it should be relicensed under LGPL, the main authors agree on this but we have to ask to every contributor. Is anyone volunteering to get all the permissions? I have extracted a list of contributors from the ChangeLog, but it may be incomplete and contain translators, that should […]


Recently Miguel de Icaza blogged about version 2 of gnome-main-menu, available from Gnome’s SVN, so I decided to give it a try. I’m using gnome-main-menu both on my every day environment (Gnome 2.16 from Debian Experimental) and on the Gnome I build from SVN using jhbuild. For the latter I patched gnome-desktop and gnome-panel with […]


After the last post I was asked where to find GRegex and how to use it, GRegex is not yet in GLib, probably it will be included in GLib 2.14, and GLib 2.14 will be probably used by Gnome 2.20. If you can’t wait for GLib 2.14 you can include a copy of EggRegex, as […]


Recently Emmanuele Bassi asked for help on reviving GFloppy as it’s old and mostly useless. Paul Betts and Riccardo Setti (giskard) accepted the invitation and are working on gnome-format, an utility that will be able to format any removable disk (USB pendrives, etc.) Here’s some screenshots but remember that gnome-format is in alpha stage! I […]

Hello Planet GNOME!

This should be my first post on Planet GNOME (thanks jdub), so hello everybody! So, who am I? I’m Marco Barisione, an Italian student of Computer Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino. For my third-year dissertation I wrote a new syntax highlighting engine for GtkSourceView 2 with Emanuele Aina, now the code is in the […]

Vista miracles

A month ago my desktop computer died, Windows XP (both the installed version and the installer) was crashing while booting and using Linux live CDs I was only able to get kernel panics. As a student of the Politecnico di Torino I can have a free copy of Windows Vista Business and other Microsoft products […]

Small things that matter / 2

After the post on the “Empty Trash” button in the trash folder, I’m looking for other small changes in GNOME 2.17, i.e. the development version for GNOME 2.18. These are not the big changes everyone can see like the new Control Center, but those small things that are improving GNOME version after version. In the […]

Small things that matter

I know that it’s a small and simple change but I really like the new “Empty Trash” button displayed in the trash folder. This is a useful change for normal users, as the menu item is not easily discoverable, so thanks pbor!