Exam, thesis and job

On Friday, I took my last exam! :D

Now it’s time to work full time on my thesis (I should graduate in January) and to start to look for a good job. Speakig of which, I already got some interesting proposals but if you are interested here is my résumé (PDF, HTML in Italian and PDF in Italian).

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(automake e autoconf) should be (automake and autoconf)

“B driving licence” doesn’t mean much to non-Italian people “car driving licence” maybe better

Ciao e buona fortuna! chris

Thank you, I replaced “e” with “and”.

The European Union standardized the categories 10 years ago, so “B driving licence” should be clear to everyone in the EU.

Bella lì Bari! Immagino che fosse MGG… :)

In bocca al lupo!


Ovviamente MGG :)