Broken chassis

I never dropped my (six months old) Macbook to the floor or mistreated it, nevertheless the chassis got broken where the lid touches it :'(. Am I the only one with this problem?

Broken Macbook chassis

Broken Macbook chassis (detail)

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I too have a Macbook that’s about 6 months old. The chassis hasn’t broken (yet), but there is a visible, small crack in the chassis *exactly* where yours has broken.

My roomie has the same problem. He went down to the local Apple store and complained. He got a replacement as far as I recall. It is the casing that cracks, from stress or something like that I guess.

This hasn’t happened to mine (yet) – did it have a lot of pressure put on the lid, e.g. in a heavy bag or something? On mine I can see definite marks where the lid ‘feet’ meet the chasis so maybe it’s just a matter of time + how often opened & closed.

This happened to mine as well (crack right under where the little “feet” in the screen touch the chasis). I brought it into the Apple store, and they replaced it under warranty.

At the moment I don’t have another usable computer and I don’t want to wait weeks before having my macbook back.

@Paul Cooper, Kai:
The marks on the chassis appeared a month before the cracks, so I think it’s just a matter of time.

Do any of you have a whining sound with your Macbook ? Mine whine a little when it’s on battery, and a lot when it’s charging. It seems, after a little search, that the problem is only known for the Macbook Pro.

Very annoying… And now i learn that the chassis isn’t strong enough to resist to normal usage. I am quite disappointed by this laptop, maybe Apple is not the good constructor i expected it was.

My macbook, purchased Jan 2007 has the exact same prob. I didn’t drop/mistreat it to my knowledge either. Thanks for tips re replacement I think I’ll hit them up about it.

Bari… come ti avevo detto è un problema che evidentemente si verifica su questi macbook come è successo proprio (anche) a mio fratello! Stesso punto, stessa rottura! Una parola: assistenza!
Bari… as I told u it’s just a common problem on these macbook, exactly as my brother’s macbook! Same point, same crack! Just one word: AppleCare!