WinCalendarTime 1.0

Not as useful as the Gnome clock applet, but still useful when you are forced to use Windows XP, WinCalendarTime replaces the standard Windows clock with an enhanced one, if you click on it a calendar is displayed.


This new version contains only some bug fixes. I’m using Windows only a few hours per month, so I’m not going to work on new versions, if you want something better just switch to Gnome :)

Update: I was asked how to translate WinCalendarTime in other languages, if you are intersted read this.

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Cool, finally no need to mouseover for the date. Thanks! :)

Really neat app for those times when I use windows. Many thanks! :)

I’ve been forced to look at it from the other direction. For my girlfriend, this is the Windows killer app that I haven’t found a GNOME replacement for:

Please add the week numbers :-)

Thanks, very nice! Would be great it if could still display the tooltip though, for those who don’t know it’s actually clickable.

You application is a must! really thank you :)

A small bug here, I’m using the Human.msstyle from deviant art and in this theme, the clock font color is black and in your application the default color is white (but a rollover/click on it change the color to black and return to white when the mouse leave the button)

Can you post an updated version with the default color system for the font please.

I posted two screenshots here of the two states:

And like bkor said, the week numbers would be a great enhancement.

What about a x64 version? =]

Why do you need week numbers? Where should they be, in the calendar or in the button?

@David Tenser:
Probably it will be fixed in 1.1.

The color is hard-coded for known themes, and “guessed” for unknown themes. The code tries to use white on dark backgrounds and black on dark ones, I don’t know why it’s not working with your theme.

I do not have an x64 processor, so I cannot test it.

Can you add “Adjust date/time” in pop-up menu?

Ok for the color, it is a bug from the theme apparently.

The week numbers are used in a company when you ask for a delivery for the week 12 or 13 for example, it’s simple than said for the week of the 19th of march or 26th of march etc…

They should be on the right of the week like on this screenshot of evolution calendar in gnome:

I never noticed week numbers in evolution! Adding them to WinCalendarTime is easy, just matter of adding the MCS_WEEKNUMBERS style to the control. It will be added in WinCalendarTime 1.1 with the translations I received.

What do you mean? I’m on Linux so I cannot test it but I’m pretty sure that the menu has an “Adjust Date/Time” item.

“Adjust date/time” is already there.

Great to hear that you’re planning to make an update after all! I’ve already recommended this to all of my colleagues.

@David Tenser:
I will release WinCalendarTime 1.1 because adding the week numbers seems easy and because I received some translations.

Exactly what I was looking for …… no more no less. Thank you Barisone

Many people, including myself have become a little pananoid about loading software and sourceforge says WinCalendarTime is in Alpha3 …. which is a little daunting for software that works so well.

You may get more downloads if you change this as 1.0 seems like a stable final release to me. Unless alpha3 means something other than what I think.