GtkSourceView licensing

GtkSourceView is currently licensed under GPL but it should be relicensed under LGPL, the main authors agree on this but we have to ask to every contributor. Is anyone volunteering to get all the permissions?

I have extracted a list of contributors from the ChangeLog, but it may be incomplete and contain translators, that should be excluded.

If you are interested to help add a comment to bug #159134, to get more information you can contact paolo or me on the #gedit channel on

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You shouldn’t exclude translators. Translation often involves creative work; multiple possible translations always exist for a given phrase, and selecting the most appropriate one constitutes creativity. Thus, you need translator permission, or you need to drop translations you don’t have such permission for.

I don’t know why Paolo Maggi asked to exclude tanslators, maybe it’s because every po file starts with:

# This file is distributed under the same license as the gtksourceview
# package.