Archives for December, 2006

DNS problems

In these days using the Internet is a real pain for lots of Italians. The former TLC monopolist claims that the problems are due to viruses, but this does not explain why the service with the biggest problems is DNS, host name resolution requires at least 10 seconds! This is why I have been using […]


As already said we are going to have spell checking in GTK+. No more GnomeSpell, GTKSpell, SexySpellEntry, the gedit plugin, all using different libraries for spell checking and with several different problems! I’m working on the glib side of this project, GSpell will be the low level spell checking library that will be the base […]

Blob Sallad

Blob Sallad is the most addicting and unuseful program I found in this month! On the home page there is a (mostly working) JavaScript version of the game or you can download the source code for Linux. UPDATE: to compile the program you need libsdl-dev and libcairo2-dev. The most recent version is at the end […]

Spell checking in GNOME

Behdad Esfahbod proposed to add spell checking, based on the Enchant library, to GLib and GTK+. I tried some existing spell checking tools for GNOME: GtkSpell3, the development version of GtkSpell. SexySpellEntry, part of libsexy. The gedit spell checking plugin. Some time ago I wrote with Emanuele Aina some code forked from gedit. This, temporarily […]

Physics enabled white board

I want it!