Archives for November, 2006

Christmas hackergotchis

The hackergotchis used on and on have been updated by fina to a new christmas version!

Panel messed up

Today gnome-panel decided to forget the layout of the upper panel :(, here’s a screenshot:

Productive weekend

I had a productive weekend, no I didn’t studied or coded anything but I cooked three cakes! A danubio, with sausage and stracchino cheese: An amalfitan cake with ricotta cheese and pears: And a lemon cream cake.

Someone does not know how DNS work… The best sentence is “At the time of writing Verisign had not responded to questions about how these extraneous domains have been registered.”

“Java open source” spam

I am no more able to recognize spam just from the subject, these are some emails received in the last days: Java open source processor output september mcdonalds release team Google opened ARM floating point app maintenance spamassassin failure The last one is really funny as SpamAssassin is failing to detect at least the 70% […]